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Search with Resumé Feature

Our multi-layered AI software can automatically pair you up with the best jobs for you with the Search with Resumé feature. Simply upload your resumé and we’ll do the work!

Our algorithm will extract the key details we need to pair you with the best job out there, like skills, experience, qualifications, and more.

Searching with your resumé simplifies your site/app experience and makes finding that next job a lot easier and faster.


How to Search with Resumé

  1. Go to the Zoek US homepage.
  2. Click ‘Search with Resumé’ on the main search tool.
  3. Upload your resumé from your files.
  4. Let our AI software extract your key skills, experience, and education to match you with the perfect job.
  5. Browse the results that come up.

That’s all. Job searching has never been this easy!