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Advanced Search Feature

Tired of searching through thousands of jobs search results?

Now you can use Zoek US’s Advanced Search feature to find the best jobs near you.

Our intelligent job matching technology uses a multi-layered search approach to pair you with the best possible job.

Define what skills, job titles, industries, contract type, pay, or even what companies you wish. The more information you provide, the more likely you’ll be able to find your ideal job.

How to use Advanced Search

  1. Go to the Zoek US homepage.
  2. In the main search tool, click ‘Advanced Search’.
  3. Enter all the information that will inform your job search, including:
    1. Your desired job title
    2. Key skills
    3. Education
    4. Qualifications
    5. Location or mile radius
    6. Job category
    7. Contract type
    8. Salary period
    9. Salary scale
    10. Company type
    11. Company name.
  4. Browse the results.

That’s it – magic!