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Yakima’s economy has been driven by the agricultural and food processing sectors for many years. The region has long been regarded as one of the world’s largest producers of apples. Additionally, the region contributes nearly 75% of the total hops production in the US. Other major agricultural products include cherries, peaches, pears, and apricots. The city is home to leading food processing companies, such as Del Monte Foods, Seneca Foods Corporation, and Tree Top Inc.

Healthcare and medical wellness is a major economic pillar in the region, employing thousands of individuals. The Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic, Pacific Northwest University of Health Services, and Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital are the largest employers in the region.

The logistics and distribution sector also drives the economic growth of Yakima while creating many jobs in the region. Walmart and Horizon Distribution are the leading companies, offering many jobs hiring in Yakima. R.E.Powell and Quality Transportation are other critical names within this sector.

Manufacturing and supplies also generate employment opportunities in and around the city. The region produces a range of products, including machinery and electrical components. Yakima hosts companies like Novolex, Irwin Research and Development, and Marq Packaging, among others.

With the presence of various industries and abundant employment opportunities, Yakima boasts of a robust economy. The city experienced job growth of nearly 0.5% across numerous sectors. Besides career opportunities, the city is known for its vibrant cultural scene. The Yakima Valley Museum, Larson Gallery, and Yakima SunDome are just some of the popular tourist attractions. The city also hosts several annual festivals and attractions for locals and tourists alike. The Central Washington State Fair, Yakima Folklife Festival, and A Case of the Blues and All That Jazz are the most popular festivals celebrated in the and around the region. Yakima has several restaurants, cafes, and breweries, offering a delectable food and drinks menu.

The diverse economy of Yakima supports various sectors. Defence companies, such as Triumph Actuation Systems, Cub Crafter, and Pexco are among the largest employers. You can also find full-time jobs in Yakima in Walmart, R.E.Powell, Horizon Distribution, and other distribution companies. Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic, Pacific Northwest University of Health Services, and Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic are some of the major medical centers. They provide many jobs in Yakima hiring now, ideal for graduates and professionals alike. Del Monte Foods, Tree Top Inc, and Seneca Foods Corporation are the best companies in Yakima within the food processing industry.

The Yakima Training Center, a US Army training unit, is among Yakima’s top employers. Apart from this, tourism is the fastest-growing sector of Yakima’s fast-growing economy. The craft beverage industry is also flourishing in the Yakima Valley region.

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