1,128 Jobs in Topeka, Ks

With a low cost of living, low unemployment rate, and a friendly community, it is easy to see why Topeka is considered one of the best places to live in the state. The city is home to around 127,000 people with the job market’s future growth predicted to be 23.9% over the next decade due to the influx of new businesses to the area. The city is a lot cheaper than other big US cities. Topeka residents have an average yearly income of $24,155 and a median household income of $41,412. Continue reading to learn more about Topeka and of future job opportunities.

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There are plenty of job opportunities across most sectors in Topeka. Premier Blue, Stormont Vail Health, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Delaware Life Insurance, and Kansas Department of Transportation are highly rated among workers and advertise regular job opportunities. Other companies in Topeka that are actively recruiting are Westar Energy, KU Topeka, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, and the Capitol Federal Savings Bank. The City of Topeka and US Alliance Life and Security provide many regular jobs, too. Therefore, no matter your skill set there will be a job for you in Topeka. Zoek can help guide you through the process of finding applying for the perfect position.

Topeka has the best of both worlds; it has an intimate community feel while offering all the upsides of a big city. One of the major attractions of the city (and the state) is Lake Shawnee, with over 1 million people visit the lake every year. Other popular attractions around the city include the Lake Shawnee Golf Course, Bettis Family Sports Complex, Adventure Cove, various fishing docks and campgrounds. Topeka also has great locally owned restaurants such as Iron Rail Brewery, The Pennant, Taco Villa, and The Shack. Another reason why people enjoy living in Topeka is the convenient location, since Lawrence and Kansas City are just a short drive away. Sick of long commute times due to traffic? Topeka residents enjoy relatively no traffic, even at rush hour!

In Topeka, there is low unemployment and good economic stability. Government and administration workers are a large part of the workforce in the city (about 20%). Other major employment sectors in the city include retail, healthcare, education, and distribution. The largest employers are the State of Kansas, Stormont-Vail HealthCare, Topeka Unified School District, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. The city also has a number of other major employers that hire new employees regularly, such as St. Francis Health, Goodyear Tire, and BNSF Rail Yard. Therefore, even though the major sectors in Topeka are government, health and manufacturing, there are opportunities across many sectors.

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