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The city boasts of a diverse economy with several sectors and sub-sectors. The healthcare sector is one of the mainstays in Syracuse’s economy. There are various medical centers and facilities offering employment opportunities. St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, Veterans Health Administration, and Northwell Health are the leading employers within the sector.

Apart from this, the education and research sector is among the vital economic engines for Syracuse. The city is home to various institutes, offering higher education and research facilities. The State University of New York Upstate Medical University and Syracuse University are the city’s top employers.

Advanced manufacturing is another prominent sector shaping the city’s economy. The region manufactures numerous products, including transport equipment, machinery tools, and electronics. Bristol-Myers Squibb, O’Brien & Gere, and Lockheed Martin Corp are the city’s major manufacturing companies.

The hospitality industry has emerged as a robust economic pillar over the years. Carrols Restaurant Group, the world’s largest Burger King franchise, is headquartered in Syracuse. Hotel Acquisition Company, LLC, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, and American Food & Vending are the largest hospitality companies based in Syracuse.

Many professional services companies are located in Syracuse. Commonfund Mortgage Corp, Bouck & Lee Inc, and SENCY Federal Credit Union are some of the many companies to work in Syracuse.

The city offers excellent career opportunities across various domains. Syracuse witnessed a job growth of 1% in 2018. Additionally, household income also grew by 2.2%. The cost of living in Syracuse is lower than the national income. Known as the ‘20 -minute city,’ Syracuse offers lots of easy commuting.

Besides this, there are plenty of activities and events to enjoy during the week. From scenic outdoor parks and museums to year-round festivals, there is something for everyone. The city is also renowned as a wine-drinking area with several wineries and bars. Syracuse presents the perfect amalgamation of music, art, and history.

The healthcare sector provides employment in St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, Northwell Health, Veterans Health Administration, and other medical facilities. You can also find jobs in tech companies such as Tata Consultancy Service, IBM, United Technologies Corporation, and Wipro. The education and research institutes like Upstate Medical University, Syracuse University, and Syracuse City School District are important employers, as well. Syracuse Research Corporation is another prominent employer.

You can also work in finance companies like Bouck & Lee, Inc. and Commonfund Mortgage. The advanced manufacturing industry is among the key job providers. Lockheed Martin Corp, Carrier Corporation, Feldmeier Equipment, and Anoplate are leading companies. Other manufacturing firms include O’Brien & Gere and Crucible Industries. You can work in hospitality companies like Carrols Restaurant Group, The Pyramid Companies, and Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. Hotel Acquisition Company LLC and the Oncester are other prime employers.

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