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Agriculture is still a significant sector in Stockton. The city has a large share of its area dedicated to agriculture and is a central processing and distribution center for agricultural products.

Since the city has a thriving seaport, the transportation industry has more employees than any other sector. Stockton is also home to various prestigious universities like the University of Pacific, Stockton University, and many popular schools, which have created many jobs in the area.

Healthcare, construction, and finance are other major employment generators in the city.
Manufacturing companies like Noll Manufacturing, Crown Bolt, Dopaco, Sortex, Martin-Browner, Aisin have recently established themselves in Stockton.

With big telecom companies like Pac-West communications setting up their bases in the city, Stockton has become a significant manufacturing and telecommunication hub. The city also hosts various tech companies like Sigma Circuits, Bay Area circuits, and Applied Aerospace Company.

Located in the Central Valley of California, Stockton is rich in culture and diversity. In fact, the city was named the most diverse American city in 2020. With its residents’ annual income being close to $40,000, the town has a good standard of living index. And the cost of living and expenses indices are close to the national average.

Properties and land are relatively cheap in Stockton. Finding a house and other lodging isn’t hard. Commuting between home and work is also convenient with a well-connected transportation network in the city. Stockton has many supermarkets and two big shopping malls, Weberstown and Sherwood, to meet all the shopping needs.

Additionally, the city government is currently spending over $15 million on community economic support. As a result, the city’s economy has been gaining stability.

The health sector is a major employment generator in the city. St. Joseph’s Medical Centre, with a total of 4,600 employees, was the biggest employer as per the city’s 2017 annual comprehensive financial report. Dameron Hospital and establishments under Kaiser Permanente are also important players in the sector, providing competitive jobs. Stockton unified school district has several elementary schools, high schools, specialty schools, and chartered schools. As of 2017, approximately 4,000 employees worked in the unified school district sector. Other major employers in Stockton are the University of Pacific, Lincoln Unified School District, San Joaquin Delta College, City of Stockton, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and World Class Distribution Inc.

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