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Jobs in Sioux City are popular across many different industries. The largest in the city are healthcare, food retail, and education that make up a large percentage of the economic output. However, there are also many smaller, growing industries that operate away from these sectors that offer potentially rewarding careers.

Manufacturing, for example, has been at the heart of the city for nearly 150 years and continues to be prominent today. Food, clothing, and medicine are all examples of Sioux City’s manufacturing heritage coming to the forefront of its economy. You can also find many exciting jobs in Sioux City within these sectors, such as customer services, finance, and administration. Other industries rising in prominence include:

  • Finance and banking
  • Biomedical
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Data analytics

Sioux City has a lot to offer beyond jobs hiring in major industries. The city is growing in popularity with tourists and has many attractions to offer such as the Sioux City Public Museum, the Sioux City Art Center, and the Sergeant Floyd Monument. These have increased the city’s footfall and as a result, Sioux City has grown into a region that people want to live and work in.

Retail is also central to Sioux City’s cultural expansion, with many shopping areas and nightlife venues such as Hard Rock Casino, Red Room Lounge and Firehouse Bar to name a few. This offers the workers of Sioux City a good variety of areas to let their hair down.

Working in Sioux City is also advantageous due to the region being well placed for travel. You will have good links to other major cities such as Kansas CIty and Minneapolis which are very much international cities.

If you are looking for Sioux City jobs that are hiring, it may be worth considering who the largest employers are. By far the largest are Tyson Fresh Meats who employ over 4,000 people and are the second largest meat distributors in the world. They have part time jobs in Sioux City as well as full time ones across roles such as factory staff, customer services, logistics, and marketing.

If you want to work in education, the Sioux City Community School District employs over 2,500 individuals in teaching and administration roles. They also make up over 6% of the city’s employment structure.

If you are a healthcare professional, Mercy Medical Center is the largest facility in the region and employs over 1,500 members of staff.

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