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If you’re looking for a job in Sacramento, food manufacturing and agriculture-related businesses are great places to start. The industry creates around 6,400 jobs and generates a whopping $3 billion in revenue annually.

One of the most well-known names in the sectors is Blue Diamond Grower – suppliers of the famous California almonds. The company is over 100 years old and intrinsic to the Sacramento community and history. California supplies 80% of the world’s almonds, sourced exclusively from areas around Sacramento.

You can join the clean technology and energy revolution as part of several regional initiatives in Sacramento. Over 200 Sacramento establishments provide jobs to more than 3,000 people in the region. Companies like Pacific Ethanol produce low-carbon renewable fuel. Greenleaf Power and LLC supply green power throughout the United States. Both have their bases in Sacramento and are popular places to work.

Life sciences and health care are large industries supporting over 280,000 jobs in Sacramento. UC Davis Medical Center and Sutter Health are stellar institutions for medical professionals.

The University of California, Davis (UC Davis), and California State University provide excellent academic jobs. The city also has a host of community colleges, private schools, and vocational schools. Careers in post-secondary education are favorable options for the locals. Sacramento’s manufacturing, business services, and retail sectors are key to its overall economic and employment growth.

As a growing city with the seventh-largest world economy in the US, Sacramento is a great place to live and work. Its talented workforce and lower cost of living create perfect conditions for businesses to thrive. A strong public-private partnership also facilitates the growth and development of the city.

The city has a noteworthy transportation network. It features two Interstate freeways, an international airport, a shipping port, an efficient bus network, passenger railways, freight, and an air cargo airport.
Sacramento residents enjoy access to education and good quality of life. Known to be one of the most diverse cities in California, you are sure to find like-minded and amicable people to socialize with in the city.

Sacramento provides an ideal ground for various industries to flourish. Some of its biggest employers are Blue Diamond Grower, Sutter Health, Pacific Ethanol, Greenleaf Power, LLC. and UC Davis Medical Center. The city is home to several thriving companies, such as Mitsubishi Rayon and Capital Energy Solutions, in the clean energy space. Healthcare professionals may also consider working for institutions like the Jackson Laboratory or Kaiser Permanente.

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