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Riverside’s economy primarily consists of manufacturing and retail businesses. The city generates a diverse range of products – from medical equipment and automotive parts to food products and home furniture. Other goods manufactured include plastics, glass, wood, metal fabrication, and medical equipment. The manufacturing sector has played a promising role in shaping the economy of Riverside over the years and continues to do so.

In addition, the education sector is also dominant in the city. Riverside is home to a number of universities, high schools, secondary schools, and vocational institutes. Some of the renowned educational institutes in Riverside are California Baptist University, La Sierra University, Martin Luther King High School, Riverside City College, and the University of California-Riverside.

The city’s economy is expected to grow due to the establishment of DHL, a leading shipping company. Besides this, there are employment opportunities in healthcare, banking and finance, engineering works, and the services sector as well. Public administration, utilities, and information are among the highest paying sectors in the city. Riverside is also regarded as an important center for aerospace activities. UTC Aerospace Systems, a subsidiary of Collins Aerospace, is an important employer.

Riverside is home to many historical landmarks, art museums, and colorful annual festivals that are visited by tourists from across the country. For this reason, there are employment opportunities within the tourism and hospitality industry as well.

The most populous city in the Inland Empire, Riverside, boasts of excellent employment opportunities. Whether you are a new or experienced job seeker, Riverside offers ample career possibilities. Over the last few years, the Inland Empire has experienced tremendous employment growth, and Riverside is one of its major contributors. The city has witnessed the job market grow by nearly 3.5% between 2018 and 2019.

Riverside’s living standards and incredible cultural offerings offer perks to new job seekers to the area. Home to the iconic Mission Inn Hotel and Spa, this city provides a beautiful assortment of fun activities, museums, and fine dining options. Riverside is filled with cultural, entertainment, nightlife, and outdoor adventures that ensure a recreational weekend after a stressful week.

The city of Riverside is home to many sectors and sub-sectors, resulting in constant development in the economy. There are many job opportunities in the manufacturing industry. Riverside Regional Technology Park, Sycamore Canyon Industrial Park, Airport Industrial Areas, and Hunter Industrial Park are the primary employers. The city has many educational institutes and renowned colleges including the Univeristy of Riverside-California, Riverside City College, and California Baptist University. You can find jobs in its flourishing education sector. You can also find work in facilities like Parkview Community Hospital and Riverside Community Hospital. Bourns Inc, a leading manufacturer of electronic components is headquartered in Riverside. UTC Aerospace Systems, a global supplier of aerospace and defense products has one of its manufacturing units based in the city. This unit provides jobs in sales and marketing, program or product management, engineering, or corporate departments. DHL – the German logistics company is another significant employer in Riverside. You can find employment in accounting, citrus production, and banking firms as well.

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