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The unemployment rate is also very low in the city at 2.6%. There are plenty of job opportunities across most sectors in Quincy. Stop & Shop, J.Jill, Granite Telecommunications, Arbella Insurance Group, and Quincy Medical Center are all hugely popular and advertise regular job opportunities. Other companies in Quincy that are actively recruiting are Fallon Ambulance Service, Shields Health Care Group, Advanced Medical, MCMC, and Atlantic Broadband. Therefore, no matter your interests or skill set there will be a job for you in Quincy. Get in contact with Zoek today to take the next step towards your new career.

Quincy is a vibrant city full of life and culture. The city offers its residents shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The city is bordered by 27 miles of coastline and has some of the best beaches locally. For those who like water sports, there is the opportunity to rent out boats, take part in competitions, and even take boating classes. The Blue Hill Adventure and Quarry museum is also perfect for outdoor lovers. Schools in the area are highly rated with classes small in size and rigorous studies. The neighbourhoods in Quincy vary greatly from the business district to the diverse Quincy Point. Weather-wise, you get all four seasons in Quincy!

In Quincy, the largest employers are MIT, MathWorks, Boston University, and Harvard University. The city also has a number of other major employers that hire new employees regularly such as Northeastern University, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Massachusetts General Hospital. There are also career opportunities in a variety of other sectors such as investment banking (Fidelity Investments), accounting (Deloitte), IT services (IBM), and healthcare services (Brigham and Women’s Hospital). Interested in a career in healthcare, education or hospitality, or another opportunity in Quincy? Get in contact with Zoek today to find out about the latest opportunities.

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