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From Fortune 500 companies to manufacturing, and tech startups, Norwalk hosts an array of global companies. The city is home to three Fortune 500 companies, Xerox Holdings Corporation, Booking Holdings Inc, and Emcor Group. They are among the top employers in the city, recruiting individuals from different backgrounds and qualifications.

The city has emerged as a prominent center for tech innovation over the years. FactSet Research Systems is a software company based in Norwalk. Besides this, Frontier Communications and Ventus are well-known telecommunications companies hiring in Norwalk. The business-friendly environment and availability of key resources in Norwalk have resulted in various startups as well. Shibumi and Convergence are the top firms offering many jobs in the city.

Manufacturing is another critical sector that has played a significant role in diversifying Norwalk’s economy. King Industries Inc, a chemical manufacturing company is based in the city. ASML, GT Bicycles, and DXC Technology are other major manufacturing companies.

The professional services sector is also thriving. The city hosts companies like the Financial Accounting Foundation, Alera Group, Inc, Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc, and Aon. They offer full-time jobs in Norwalk that are ideal for freshers and professionals alike.

The retail industry is another important economic pillar. Stew Leonard’s, a chain of supermarkets in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York, is based in Norwalk. Dooney & Bourke, a major fashion accessories company, is another critical employer in the city. Pepperidge Farm, the baked goods giant, is also based in the city. Best Buy, Costco, and other retail giants also create employment in the city.

The availability of jobs across various industries makes working in Norwalk an ideal choice for many individuals. The median income in the city accounts for about $77,000. Besides this, Norwalk is known for its stunning beaches that attract locals and tourists alike. The city is also known as ‘Oyster Town,’ due to its historic oyster industry. The Norwalk Oyster Festival is also organized every year to honor this industry. Apart from this, the Norwalk Film Festival and SoNo Arts Festival are popular annual festivals celebrated in the region.

The city also hosts various renowned museums, such as the Norwalk Historical Society Museum, Stepping Stones Museum for Children, SoNo Switch Tower Museum. The Maritime Aquarium and regal Lockwood-Mathews Mansion are other famous attractions of the city. You can also take cruises out to the little islands or spend quality time with your loved ones in parks. Not only this, Norwalk boasts of an extravagant nightlife as well.

There are employment opportunities in Norwalk in Fortune 500 companies like Booking Holdings Inc, Emcor Group, and Xerox Holdings Corporation. You can also find jobs in Norwalk hiring now in manufacturing companies like King Industries, GT Bicycles, and DXC Technology. Technology companies also employ a large workforce in the city. FactSet, Frontier Communications, and Convergence are among the main employers. You can also work at Norwalk Hospital, Remedy Partners, Inc, and other healthcare companies.

Additionally, Pepperidge Farm and Stew Leonard’s provide many jobs hiring in Norwalk. HEI Hotels & Resorts, Priceline.com, and Tower Optical are the best companies in Norwalk within the travel industry. North American Power, a retail energy supplier, based out of Norwalk, is a significant job provider as well.

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