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You can find work in New Bedford at one of the numerous fish markets or suppliers, such as American Pride Seafood. Cooks can also work in one of the many popular restaurants such as No Problemo, or The Black Whale. There are delivery driver jobs, and jobs in healthcare with companies such as Lifestream. Plumbers can work for companies like Plumbers Supply, and there are opportunities in manufacturing with Epec, and other firms. If you want to give something back, YMCA Southcoast works to strengthen community organizations. You can also work at one of the museums, or parks, as a ranger or on a concession stand.

Aside from the beautiful harbor views and excellent scallops, the city has a reputation for ‘bargain’ housing. The median price for a house ($240,000 approx) is about half that of other areas in Massachusetts. Although this is still above the national average, you can pick up an old “captain’s house” for much less than would be possible elsewhere. New Bedford also offers a bustling downtown area featuring historic buildings, galleries, green spaces, and cobblestone streets. Many of the attractions are water-based, such as Seastreak and CuttyHunk Ferry Company tours. However, there is also The New Bedford Museum of Glass, and the historic Buttonwood Park Zoo.

The Southcoast Health System has 6,000 employees and annual revenue of $5.5B. Not only is the company a leader in the state’s healthcare, but it is also diverse and inclusive. Almost 70% of employees are female and just less than 35% are ethnic minorities. New Bedford City Hall employs 3,000 people, providing jobs in departments such as public service, and administration. You must be a resident to work in City Hall. AeroVox manufactures specialty equipment for medical and industrial use and provides 1,500 jobs to the city. Similarly, AFC Cable Systems are another specialized manufacturer, with more than 1,000 staff.

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