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Longview has many different companies that operate across multiple industries. You may want to apply for jobs in Longview’s largest sectors, however there are roles in different areas that are worth considering. If you want to pursue a job in hospitality, for example, you may consider applying for one of the many bar or hotel positions in the city such as Texas Player’s Club, Lone Star Ice House, or the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel to name but a few.

In retail, there are jobs hiring in Longview all the time. Whilst the city is home to many household names such as Walmart and Target, you could also apply for companies that reside in Longview Mall which are smaller and offer a good career path into retail, either via customer service or logistics.

Many of the best companies in Longview are start-ups, so you may even be given the opportunity to ply your experience into a new company or sector.

Longview is famous across Texas for being a hub for recreation and leisure. It is also a center for festivals, dining, and a history of arts, science, and entertainment. These factors have contributed to Longview being one of the most desirable places to live and work in Gregg County.

The city is also well connected to other areas of Texas and you can access neighbouring communities such as Jefferson, Gilmer, Tyler, and Nacogdoches. The city is also a two-hour drive from Dallas, the largest city in Texas. This gives you an option to commute easily for work and pleasure.

Longview is also desirable due to its multicultural nature. 44% of the city is made up of Hispanic, Asian, Latino and Native American ethnicities which give the region a global vibe. This is reflected in its working environments as you can expect to work with people from different backgrounds.

The largest employers hiring now in Longview is the Good Shepherd Medical Center, which has over 2,500 employees. Jobs here can be found in nursing, doctoring, medical research, food service, or customer service.

Longview Independent School District employs over 1,400 people across multiple education institutions. If you are a trained teacher, this can give you a good option to extend your career in positions such as principle or head of department across elementary and high schools.

Trinity Rail is one of the city’s oldest industries and still employs over 1,000 people to this day in areas such as marketing, engineering, logistics and customer relations.

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