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Long Beach’s economy consists of a wide range of industries working to elevate the city’s employment opportunities. Long Beach is an important center for the education sector. The city is home to many schools, universities, and research institutes like California State University and Long Beach City College. The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory – a leading research institute – is also located in the city generating many STEM jobs.

The city has always been a prominent aerospace center. Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Space X are a few of the leading aerospace companies in Long Beach. Industries such as the manufacture of automotive parts, technological products, and digital entertainment products make up a large part of Long Beach’s economy.

There are several healthcare companies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies in Long Beach. SCAN Health Plan, Molina Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, and Amgen are the world leaders in healthcare. The economy of Long Beach is also shaped by banking and finance, public administration, real estate, retail, and distribution services.

Long Beach offers employment opportunities across a range of sectors, ideal for individuals with varied qualifications and experiences. The city encourages small businesses to grow, allowing you to take a step forward for a brighter future. Owing to the easy availability of jobs and business opportunities, Long Beach has observed a hike in the employment rate. Between 2017 and 2018, the employment rate in Long Beach, CA, grew by 3%.

The city has a great social scene, waterfront attractions, outdoor activities, cultural events, and museums. The lively culture and incredible food scene of the city ensures a great weekend for the locals and tourists alike. Long Beach is one of the few cities in the country ranked well in walkability and bicycle-friendliness.

The city of Long Beach is home to various sectors, facilitating its economic growth. There are employment opportunities in the booming education sector. The California State University (also known as Long Beach State), Long Beach City College, and Long Beach Unified School district are the critical employers. You can work in the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory research center as well. Boeing, SpaceX, and Northrop Grumman are world-renowned aerospace companies located in Long Beach, which offer lucrative job openings.

You can also find jobs in the thriving healthcare sector in companies like SCAN Health Plan, Molina Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Amgen, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. TABC, Epson America, Inc., and Pioneer Electronics are the top manufacturing companies dealing in car parts, electronics, and digital entertainment products, respectively. Long Beach is home to many nationalized and regional banks, including Bank of America, City National Bank, Bay Commercial Bank, and First Bank.

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