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Fullerton offers a promising economic ground to explore. Nearly every modern industry is represented in the city. On the one hand, it has media conglomerates like Walt Disney, specializing in production, design, and distribution. On the other hand, many pharmaceutical companies, like Amgen, offer jobs in research, manufacturing, and marketing.

California State University, Fullerton, and Fullerton College are responsible for the city’s reputation as an educational center. These higher education institutions, along with the Fullerton school district, constitute a major portion of job opportunities in the city. St Jude Medical Center is one of the biggest hospitals in the city, and thereby a major employer. Real estate is another promising sector. Companies like CBRE, Zillow, and JLL are some of the popular employers.

With a wide range of choices, Fullerton is exciting for job seekers in every industry. All different kinds of professionals are sure to find a suitable role in the city. Given that it is reasonably priced and easily accessible from anywhere in the country, living in Fullerton is fairly comfortable. Owing to its location, the city offers a unique blend of urban and suburban environments to its residents. With Los Angeles nearby, short weekend trips are easy to plan and execute. Other than this, there are many restaurants, theaters, and cafes you can visit during your time off.

Specialized manufacturing – such as for military, navy, and medical – is one of the major employment sectors in the city. Companies like Aerofit, Hydraflow, and Raytheon are some of the biggest in the business. These companies manufacture and supply equipment for aerospace engineering, for both defense and commercial purposes.

The tech sector is another major employer. You can work for companies like BI Technologies, FMC Technologies, and SpaceX. Or you can work in sister sectors, like media and IT. Other prominent sectors include retail and real estate, which have both proven to be major employers in Fullerton.

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