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667 Jobs in Fresno, Ca

Fresno is a city located at the center of San Joaquin Valley in California. It was founded in 1872 and it quickly grew into one of the most prominent economic hubs of the San Joaquin Valley and Fresno County. The area is predominantly driven by agriculture and is part of the larger Metropolitan Fresno region. With an estimated population of over 500,000, it is one of the most populous cities in California.

Despite its roots in agriculture, the city has made a name for itself in healthcare and education. There are many companies dedicated to large-scale agricultural and meat production. The city’s services and IT sector are also growing rapidly, and it is expected to promote more technology firms in the near future.

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The biggest private employers in Fresno are from the medical and healthcare sectors, including Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation, Valley Pride AG, and Fresno Equipment Company. The city of Fresno employs public officers and administrators in over 3,000 positions. Also, over 4,500 professionals work at the city’s Community Medical Centers.

The education sector is also rapidly growing, with the California State University (Fresno), State Center Community College, and other prestigious educational institutions hiring academics. Transportation, logistics, and e-commerce sectors are also growing steadily and are generating employment for trained professionals. Fresno Logistics, Conner Logistics, and National Freight Logistics Inc. are among the biggest names to hire professionals to cater to the heightened demand in ecommerce and logistics.

California is often seen as a dream destination for people who want a prosperous life, and Fresno is one of the most attractive cities in this beautiful state. With over half a million people, Fresno continues to be a great city to work and live thanks to its amazing cultural scene and low cost of living. Fresno’s cost of living is 60% lower than the state’s average, and it is one of the most affordable cities to live in if you want to move to California. With Fresno being located in the geographical center of California, other towns and cities are easily accessible through freeways and railroads.

The community medical centers are the biggest private employers in Fresno, with over 4,500 employees. The public sector has over 2,900 trained professionals working in administrative departments. Over 8,000 medical professionals work in the healthcare sector across private and government-run medical centers, hospitals, and clinics.

Finance and insurance companies are also hiring actively with companies like AmeriGuard and Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission creating thousands of job opportunities. There is also growth in logistics, IT, and e-commerce sectors, leading to more employment from brands like Fresno Web Design, DomainKings, and Liberty Logistics.