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Jobs in Folsom can be found in various sectors which have gone from strength to strength in this area of Sacramento County. Education is an especially popular industry with a number of reputable schools and colleges. This includes Folsom High School, Folsom Lake College, and Vista del Lago High School. The historic district makes it a great location for younger people looking to enhance their learning in the state.

Other thriving industries include areas such as public administration, IT and technical services, healthcare, insurance, and construction. With multiple national chains, retail stores, and restaurants nearby, part time and flexible positions are obtainable. This is a perfect scenario if you are looking for a steady income whilst at college, or if you have certain family commitments.

If you are looking for a popular and diverse city with plenty of chances of employment, then applying for jobs in Folsom could be the ideal career move. The city has a strong reputation when it comes to the arts, theatre, and acting. Some great locations in the area include the Hawkins School of Performing Arts, Sutter Street Theatre, and the Harris Center for Arts.

Livermore Community Park provides a great setting for sports facilities, and there are many great bike trails. Other nearby attractions include Lake Natoma and Granite Bay Beach. With excellent access to prestigious areas of California, there is also a great chance to commute to different areas for work and play.

With a large number of Intel jobs, Fulsom is a fantastic location for technical and development roles. Intel is the largest private organization in the whole of Sacramento, employing over 6,000 people in the city. Other technical positions can be secured at other renowned companies such as Micron Technology Inc.

If you are looking for Fulsom prison jobs, then you should not be disappointed. Alongside California State Prison, this is one of the most prominent areas in the country if you are looking for prison roles. Healthcare professionals may be able to secure positions at the Mercy Hospital of Fulsom, whilst there are also a lot of household brands with bases in the city. This includes the likes of Costco, Nike, New Balance, Kohl’s, and Walmart.

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