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Education professionals can work at schools such as Carman-Ainsworth High School or Powers Catholic High School. Alternatively, you can work for the Genesee Intermediate School District, which serves the schools in Genesee County. Recruitment companies such as Qualified Staffing employ 1000s of people in the city or you can find work in the City of Flint offices. Here, you can be part of the solution for Flint’s water crisis and have a positive impact on other socio-economic concerns. There are opportunities in utilities with the likes of Goyette Mechanical, and stores like Hubbard Supply Co.

Firstly, it’s cheap. The cost of living in Flint is 40% less than in Philadelphia, taking into account house prices, utilities, and groceries. Houses are less than $20,000, compared to a national average of around $200,000. This is partly due to the Flint water crisis but the authorities say that the water now meets federal guidelines. High crime rates have also fallen year on year, particularly in regards to violent crime. Flint has a higher than 50% black population and more than half of all residents are female. Flint is trying to reinvent itself with beautification projects, summer festivals, and monthly local art exhibitions. Venues such as The Flint Local 432 are known for breaking bands, while the Masonic Temple is a monument to architecture, art, and delicious food. Although most people drive, the city has created a bike path to encourage cycling. There are also bus routes throughout the city, and the average commuting time is just over 20 minutes.

General Motors remains one of the biggest employers in Flint, following an investment into the Flint Assembly plant. However, the medical sector accounts for around 23,000 jobs in Flint, with the Hurley Medical Centre the largest employer. With nearly 3,000 employees and $750M annual revenue, the non-profit hospital employs 70% female and 30% ethnic minorities. There is also MPI Home Care, and Mott’s Children which aims to help at-risk children across Genesee County. Food manufacturing is represented by Koegel Meats, famous for its ‘coney-style’ hotdogs, and chains such as Kroger.

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