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Solano County has a strong manufacturing base, mainly in advanced materials, biotech, and food and beverage production. The manufacturing industry is a big supporter of the region’s economy, contributing around $5 billion per year and providing thousands of local jobs. Anheuser-Busch operates over a 170-acre plot, making 20 different beers, and has created around 500 jobs for locals. Other companies hiring in Fairfield within manufacturing include Jelly Belly, who confect their unique jellybeans at the local factory.

The healthcare sector within the region is responsible for nearly 25,000 jobs and is one of the most dominant sectors here. There are plenty of opportunities for healthcare jobs in Fairfield. Healthcare is consistently projected for growth in the area and continues to provide top-class services for local residents.

Once you have found jobs hiring in Fairfield, it is time to discover what else this picturesque city has to offer you. Fairfield is a great city to live in for those who want an active and healthy lifestyle to incorporate into their own/their family’s daily lives. The area has an abundance of family-owned farms, all of which are rooted deep within the community. Locals enjoy fresh produce from their farm stands or the Farmers Market. You will have so many chances for hiking, and exercising outside, including kayaking through the Suisun Marsh.

In Fairfield you are never far away from a weekend getaway to luscious vineyards and valleys. Locals enjoy private events at wineries, fun friend trips, and romantic sunsets through the vineyards. You can also enjoy more family friendly off-vine tours and activities, for example, the kids will love the Jelly Belly factory tour.

If you are searching for companies hiring now in Fairfield, then let us be your guide and helping hand. Make waves in the healthcare sector with NorthBay Healthcare, Partnership HealthPlan of California, Abbott, Western Dental Services, and NorthBay Center for Women’s Health. Find out what the manufacturing sector could offer you at Jelly Belly Candy, Anheuser-Busch, ABCO Laboratories, Clorox Products, and Tronex.

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