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Coral Spring’s diverse economy consists of numerous sectors, including manufacturing, retail, and hospitality industries. The region manufactures a range of products, such as medical devices, electronics, glass, and products. Aldora, a leading glass products manufacturing company, has recently established its facility in Coral Springs. Vutec Corporation, Tridien Medical, and KB Electronics.

The hospitality industry forms the economic backbone of the city. Coral Springs’ increasing popularity as a tourist destination has given the necessary boost to this sector. Coral Springs Marriott and Vantage Hospitality are the top employers within this industry. Apart from these, American Cruise Line, and The Breakers Palm Beach are other significant names in the metro area.

Additionally, several tech companies are setting up their regional headquarters in Coral Springs. Ultimate Kronos Group, or UKG, one of the world’s largest cloud computing companies, is based only 20 miles away in Weston. Other tech employers are Blue Stream and Hilton Software.

The metro area is a major education center. The Miami-Dade County Public School District and the Broward County Public School District are the 4th largest and 6th largest public school districts in the nation, respectively. The region is also home to Florida International University and Northwood University.

The city of Coral Springs is known for thriving businesses, friendly neighborhoods, and recreational facilities. The city is situated just 20 minutes away from the beaches, offering plenty of fun activities to enjoy during the weekend. Additionally, Coral Springs has won accolades for its low crime rate and family-friendly orientation.

The city hosts several art events every year. The Coral Springs Museum of Art and the Coral Springs Center for the Arts are paradises for art lovers. There are many natural parks, including Tall Cypress Natural Area and Sawgrass Nature Center. With excellent job opportunities and exciting things to do, Coral Springs is one of the best places to live and work in the state.

The city boasts of many manufacturing companies, including Aldora, KB Electronics, and Tridien Medical. The retail industry also offers job opportunities. Auto Mall, City Furniture, Best Buy, Nordstrom Inc, and Target are the top employers within this sector. You can also work in Coral Springs Marriott, Vantage Hospitality, or the Breakers Palm Beach. American Cruise Line, Hilton, and Celebrity Cruises are other major hospitality companies. First Data, a leading financial services company, has a strong presence in the industry as well.

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