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Charleston strikes a balance between the public and private sectors in terms of job opportunities. This is evident in the education and healthcare industry. The Medical University of South Carolina, Trident Technical College, and Charleston County School District are some of the major public education institutions. At the same time, some private schools and hospitals also contribute significantly to the job pool. Roper St. Francis Healthcare and Trident Health System are a few examples.

Apart from this, Charleston’s thriving manufacturing sector is worth a mention. The city is home to the manufacturing of specialized products such as turbochargers, air compressors, and engine cooling systems for the aircraft and automobile industry. You can work for Robert Bosch LLC, The Boeing Company, and Mercedes-Benz Vans LLC, as they are some of the largest employers in the city. Other major industries include retail and transportation.

The city of Charleston is a popular choice among job seekers for its many job opportunities and for the beauty of the city. From academics to manual labor, individuals from all backgrounds can find opportunities in Charleston. The weather remains pleasant for most of the year, as well. While summers can be humid, winters are never harsh, and spring is beautiful. The city also has many restaurants and bars for weekend hangouts.

Along with the tourism industry, the hospitality and service sectors in Charleston are among the major contributors to its economy. There are a large number of hotels, resorts, and fine dining establishments that provide employment to many. Kiawah Island Golf Resort alone is an employer to hundreds of individuals.

Manufacturing is another sector that employs people with distinct specializations. Cummin Turbo Technologies, Mahl Behr, Mercedes-Benz Vans LLC, and Robert Bosch LLC are some of the major employers in the automobile sector, while WestRock is a manufacturing company that deals with paper and other forest products. Other promising industries include real estate and retail trade. Companies such as Walmart and Publix Supermarkets employ many individuals.

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