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Champaign hosts a Research Park, home to several national and multinational companies. Several software and technology companies are based in the park, including, Wolfram Research, Intel, and IBM. Other prominent companies hiring in Champaign are AMD, Infobright, Riverbed Technology, and Citrix Systems.

Due to the availability of resources and business-friendly environment, Champaign has been a magnet for many startups. PhotoniCare, EarthSense Inc, and Inspirit IoT, Inc are some of the best startups in Champaign.

The education sector of Champaign has been resilient and robust over the years. The city is home to the University of Illinois and Parkland College. Additionally, the city of Champaign is served by Urbana School District #116 and Champaign Unit 4 School District.

The city of Champaign also has a well-developed manufacturing industry, stimulating its economy. Horizon Hobby LLC is a major manufacturing and distributor headquartered in the city. Herff Jones, a prominent manufacturer of motivational materials and educational products, also creates many jobs in Champaign. Kraft Heinz also maintains a strong presence in the region, adding to the employment opportunities.

The diverse economy of Champaign supports several sectors and sub-sectors. For this reason, there are exceptional career opportunities for people with different educational backgrounds and interests. Champaign experienced the job market grew by 2.2% in 2018. Besides the job opportunities, the city offers an eclectic mix of fine dining, brewers, bars, and cafes. Several dining options are located in and around the region, catering to your refined tastes. You can also head to vineyards to taste some of the best wines in the county. Additionally, the cultural and arts scene is booming. Champaign is home to many science museums, art galleries, and children museums for a fun-filled weekend outing. Champaign boasts of various park systems and hiking trails as well.

The development of various sectors has been steadfast and resilient in Champaign. You can find full-time jobs in Champaign in manufacturing companies, like Herff Jones, Horizon Hobby LLC, and Kraft Heinz. There are employment opportunities in the thriving education sector, as well. The University of Illinois, Urbana School District #116, Champaign Unit 4 School District, and Parkland College are among the top employers in Champaign. Dow Innovation Center is a leading chemical corporation. Abbott Laboratories, Intelligent Medical Objects, and OSF Healthcare offer jobs in Champaign hiring now. You can also work at tech and software companies, including, Wolfram Research, Riverbed Technology, Citrix Systems, Yahoo!, and State Farm Research Center. AMD, Intel, Infobright, and Amdocs are other prominent names. The United States Army Corps of Engineers is one of the critical employers in the region as well.

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