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Brownsville’s economy was built on the service and manufacturing industries that contribute nearly 11% of the economic output for the area. You can also find a host of other sectors in the city such as education, agriculture, and aerospace. The reason employers in Brownsville are drawn to the area as a place to invest is because of the city’s strategic placement geographically. Due to being on the Mexican border, and with its easy access to the Gulf Intercoastal Waterway, Brownsville benefits from being a hotspot for international trade. It is this economic activity that has increased the city’s need for workers in technology, education, hospitality, and healthcare.

Due to the city being a county seat, Brownsville also offers many city and county government jobs in roles such as parks, recreation, and transport. If you wish to apply for any of these roles, you may be responsible for towns and cities throughout the entirety of Cameron County.

If you decide to work in retail, a sector that makes up 10% of the city’s GDP, there are an abundance of household names to apply to, such as Walmart, Foot Locker, and FedEx.

Hospitality is also booming in Brownsville and has a large selection of businesses that make the city unique. Cobbleheads, Shenanigan’s Irish Bar, and Adolios are just a few of the many bars and restaurants in the city that give Brownsville a cultural identity in terms of nightlife.

Aside from the growing economy of the region, Brownsville has many selling points that make the city a good place to live and work. It has grown culturally, with sites like Gladys Porter Zoo, Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, and the Children’s Museum of Brownsville among some of the most popular tourist attractions in southern Texas that bring thousands of visitors to the area each year.

You will also be well connected in terms of transport to other areas of the state such as Houston and Austin, as well as being close to the Mexican border. This has meant people from far and wide commute to the city to work daily, which adds to the diverse demographic of the area. So much so, that Brownsville was voted number four in terms of quality of life throughout the entirety of the USA by several publications.

The University of Texas at Brownsville has also contributed to the local culture. With 1,500 staff members and nearly 9,000 students, the university has been home to students from all over the country since 1991. The university is a great place to work and has brought a lot of diversity to the area.

If you want a career in education, the largest employers in Brownsville are the Independent School District which employs over 7,500 members of staff.

Working in higher education is also an option. The University of Texas employs over 1,500 people across a large number of subjects, such as science and technology, English, and the arts.

If you want to work in healthcare, Maximus Inc. are the largest employers in Brownsville. Employing over 950 people in Brownsville and nearly 30,000 worldwide, you will outsource services to health agencies in the area.

Retail employs over 4,000 people in the city. Walmart alone accounts for over a quarter of these across four super stores. Other major employers include H-E-B Grocery, Valley Star Fruits, and Johnny’s Grocery Store.

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