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The highest-paid jobs in Brooklyn Park, MN, tend to be in the legal sector. However, specialized occupations such as senior healthcare professionals, computer technicians, and mathematicians are also well-paid jobs in Brooklyn Park. Residents can apply for City of Brooklyn Park jobs from technical support to detention officers. Some part-time jobs in Brooklyn Park, such as lifeguard and skating aides also fall under City jurisdiction. UPS jobs in Brooklyn Park are also plentiful, or you can work for another postal carrier.

The average median household income of almost $74,400 is well above the national average of $55,300, and most of the residents are homeowners. Brooklyn Park is largely populated by young working professionals and families. There is a diverse mix of people, with around 45% white, 29% black or African American, and 19% Asian. This mix has created an inclusive bilingual community with an eclectic range of cuisines. Residents also enjoy above-average schools and family-friendly attractions.

Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park offers 160 acres of greenery surrounding the Mississippi River. Rent a kayak, go hiking, or watch spectacular sunsets from the observation walkway. The area also has two annual festivals to celebrate the changing of the seasons. You will find Spring Baby Animals and then a Harvest Festival and Maze in Fall in the same location.

One of the biggest providers of jobs in Brooklyn Park, MN is ABRA Auto Body & Glass LP. The nation’s premier auto body and glass company, Abra Auto is headquartered in Brooklyn Park. The company’s almost 5,000 employees are 34% female and 31% ethnic minorities, and the annual revenue is $5.5B. There are a large number of manufacturing companies in Brooklyn Park. From food production to medical devices, there are many jobs for engineers and technicians across industries. Egan Company, GLS Companies, and smaller firms such as Accraply score well on employee satisfaction. Target, Graybar, and Medtronic are just a few of the national companies with a large presence in Brooklyn Park.

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