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Teachers and youth workers are particularly valued in Brockton and you can find plenty of work in these areas. Brockton High School is the largest employer in education, with 750 positions. There are also adult education centers and ‘alternative’ schools, which aim to help people reach their full potential. Construction is another area where there are many companies to choose from in Brockton. From small companies like New Hampshire Boring to the larger US Laboratory, Inc, you will find many construction jobs in Brockton. The city’s transport system also provides logistics jobs via companies such as Colonial Trucking.

Brockton is committed to providing opportunities for children, veterans, and all ages in between to succeed. This is reflected in a strong education sector, and community outreach programs to tackle issues such as homelessness. The job market follows suit, with diverse and inclusive workplaces. It is easy to get around Brockton, with buses and trains running most hours of the day and night. Massachusetts Route 24 also makes it easy to visit Boston. Within the city, you have a thriving arts, culture, and music scene. The annual Brockton fair is one of the highlights of the social calendar. You will also find restaurants and eateries to suit every palate.

One of the largest employers in Brockton is office supplier W.B Mason, with 3,800 employees. With annual revenue of $1.8B, the company leads a large retail sector. British clothing brand J. Barbour and Sons Ltd is now headquartered in Brockton. There are also many food retailers and manufacturers, such as T.F. Kinnealey & Co, Concord Foods, and Fairfield Farm Kitchens. Some of the other most significant employers in Brockton are in the healthcare sector. Signature Healthcare employs more than 2,500 people, with Bay Pointe Rehabilitation Center supplying 750 more jobs. National firms with offices in Brockton include UPS, Massage Envy, BSW, and Stewart Health Care System.

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