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Baltimore is an important financial center that contributes significantly to the country’s economic growth. The tech sector is developing rapidly in the region. According to the CBRE Tech Talent Report, Baltimore ranks eighth among fifty U.S. metro zones for a high growth rate. Forbes positioned Baltimore forth among America’s “new tech hot spots.”

The Port of Baltimore generates $3 billion annually. It is catering to 14,630 direct job positions and 108,000 jobs associated with peripheral port work. The travel and cruise industry at the Port of Baltimore offers more than 500 jobs and contributes $90 million to Maryland’s economy yearly. The city is home to 12 colleges and universities, providing abundant opportunities for academics, teachers, and administrators.

Baltimore has a lot to offer to job seekers. Professional and business administrations had the biggest yearly employment gain among Baltimore’s sectors, generating approximately 5,200 jobs. According to reports, employment trends show a positive curve in trade, transportation, and utilities employment opportunities. Jobs in trade, transportation, and utilities grew by 3,100 in the city in recent years. The pace at which jobs are growing for the transportation and trade sector is significant. Jobs in utilities grew by 1.3%, which was more than three times the national rate (0.4%). 3,100 additional jobs have been created in the local area since March 2019.

Baltimore offers festivals, museums, bars, aquariums, and various entertainment centers. The housing facilities in Baltimore are very affordable. The city is also close to major centers like Washington DC, Richmond, Wilmington, and Philadelphia.

From agriculture and transport to military contracting and petroleum gas production, Baltimore’s economy is fueled by diverse employers. The economy is managed by 21 central government offices in Montgomery County and the administration’s office at the Port of Baltimore, offering thousands of well-paying public sector jobs.

Baltimore’s robust economy allows Maryland to weather economic risks better than most states. The city has influential research and healthcare institutions such as the Johns Hopkins Hospital, LifeBridge Health and Sinai Hospital of Baltimore. Industrial giants such as Giant Food Inc., Medstar Health, Black and Decker Corp, Verizon Inc, McCormick and Company, T. Rowe Price, and Royal Farms also contribute to the city’s employment.

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