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Due to a hiring surge caused by the influx of new investments, a number of companies in the city offer incentives for new employees. Texas Tech University has been building its Raiderland empire and the University is now made up of 7 campuses. Bell focuses on the aerospace and defense industry, employing around 10,000 employees world-wide. Best Buy, a leader in technology retail, services, and solutions is always hiring new staff to meet with increasing staff demands. So, no matter the sector you are interested in working in, Amarillo will have job opportunities for you.

Amarillo is voted one of the best places to live in Texas. Aside from the abundance of job opportunities the city has a vibrant nightlife with bars, restaurants, community activities, and lively music events. The public schools in the city are above the national average in the US in terms of quality. There are also hugely popular animal rescues and sanctuaries you can visit and scenic lakes to enjoy in the summer months. Amarillo City Transit also allows for easy and convenient travel between work and home with 13 routes. High quality medical facilities have ensured that the City of Amarillo is one of the best places to retire in the US.

In Amarillo the largest employers are the Amarillo Independent School District, Tyson Food, Inc., CNS Pantex, BSE Health System, Northwest Texas Healthcare System, United Supermarkets, Walmart Supercenters, and Affiliated Foods. Amarillo’s other major employers also include one of the largest meat-packing companies, agriculture, energy, manufacturing, and customer service companies. So, whether you want a career in healthcare, teaching, or retail there is a job out there for you. Whatever the sector you are interested in, Zoek US can help you find and apply for the perfect position.

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