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Duties in warehousing & distribution depend on the job. You may work in a warehouse, tracking all inventory to be stored and shipped. You could work as a truck driver transporting goods from location to location. You could be a clerk who tracks and records all deliveries made. Or you could be a machine operator who uses machines to move pallets, boxes, or other containers.

You can work in warehousing & distribution with a high school diploma. Such jobs may include hand laborers, industrial truck and tractor operators, transportation security screeners, mechanics, and stock clerks.

Some work will require credentials. For example, becoming a heavy truck driver will require a certificate. A bachelor’s degree or higher may be need for other jobs within warehousing & distribution, such as some business and financial roles, IT, and engineering roles.

Training is provided in most warehousing & distribution jobs. You may learn on the job from experienced colleagues or attend a formal training program.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects warehousing and distribution jobs to grow by 10% by 2022, amounting to over 200,00 new jobs in the country. There are many different types of positions available to people working in warehousing & distribution, all in different fields. It is very common in many companies for workers to be promoted from within and to attend training programs for their new roles.

Many jobs in this field require you to travel, and that can be good for people who always want to be on the go. Many of the customer facing roles in this field require workers to meet and build relationships with lots of different people. The average salary for workers in this field are higher than the average for all work in the US, and many positions come with health insurance and retirement plans.

Jobs in this sector that require travel may keep workers away from their families for extended periods of time. The work itself can also be physically difficult and dangerous. Statistics show that this industry had a higher incidence of workplace injury than others. Unless you have a lot of specialized experience, it can be difficult to break into truly lucrative positions.

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