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The types of jobs and the working environments within this sector are extremely varied. You could be a gym manager, managing a franchise to help keep people physically fit. You could be a professional athlete, competing in your chosen field against other athletes around the world. You could be a personal trainer, helping individuals to meet their health and fitness goals. Or you could be an administrative worker, helping to keep the business of places like sports facilities open and operating.

While many of the roles in this sector focus on roles like professional athletes, there are many spin-off roles in fields like marketing, sales, accounting, management, and more.

The education and experience you need will depend on the role you take. Some roles may only require a high school diploma, while others may require a bachelor’s degree. Others may not require any formal education at all. 

For example, a fitness instructor will not need any formal qualifications (however, many personal trainers have diplomas or degrees in areas like kinesiology or nutrition). Entering a management role in a sports facility, on the other hand, may require a higher degree in sports management. Most roles that are not directly related to entertainment or competition require customer focus, a love of sports/fitness/entertainment, and a positive attitude.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects these sectors to grow by 10% by 2029, meaning there will be many potential openings available. Sports coaches and scouts, for instance, are expected to grow by 12% by 2029, largely because of the increased participation in amateur and professional sports. Fitness trainers are also expected to grow by a whopping 15% as business, government, and insurance organizations begin to see the value in keeping people healthy.

This sector is perfect for individuals who are physically-minded and like keeping fit. People who go into this sector tend to have a passion for fitness, nutrition, and physical competition, and so tend to experience a high degree of job satisfaction. You will also be working with many people who share your passions.

Unless you work at the very top levels of your field, salaries in this sector can be low depending on your location, field, and employer. As an example, a personal trainer working in a private gym with a high-end clientele is likely to earn a decent wage, whereas as a personal trainer who works in a low-end gym franchise is likely to earn close to minimum wage.

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