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As a person working in sales, you would be in charge of ensuring the sale of your company’s products or services. Sales workers are often held to strict quotas for sales and lead conversions. How this is done can depend on various factors, such as the product or service in question, where you are selling, and who you are selling to. The goal is to reach out to customers who may be interested in purchasing whatever you are selling, which makes the gathering of quality leads a defining part of any sales role.

You don’t need much to get started in sales. Most salespeople have at least a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree, though neither is required. What is more important are certain character traits, which include extroversion, people skills, and a desire to achieve measurable results.

However, there are some sales roles where a certificate or degree may be required. Real estate agents require a state real estate license to practice. Furthermore, sales roles in more technical areas, such as engineering, securities, commodities, and financial services, may require degrees in related fields. A management degree may also helpful if you are looking to get into a sales management role.

A career in sales will always be available to those who want it. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expect sales roles to grow by about 4% by 2029. There are many different types of sales roles you can get into as well. Roles range from outdoor salesman and sales engineer to more senior roles like director of sales and chief sales officer. Sales roles will be needed in almost any industry, so you could potentially work for almost any company.

A sales career has the potential to be very lucrative. A good sales role will offer a base salary with other perks, like commissions and bonuses based on performance. Sales roles often require you to travel and build relationships with clients and contacts. This can be incredibly rewarding for people who love seeing the world and meeting new people. Sales jobs will also give you many of the base skills you will need to start your own business, should you wish.

Sales can often be a merciless field. Salespeople are always held to their metrics and under immense pressure from management to meet targets. Your income as a salesperson is often dependent on your performance, which can vary based on factors outside of your control. Sales roles also do not offer very much structure since work is often self-directed.

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