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The motoring & automotive industry includes a variety of occupations. These include manufacturing, wholesaling, dealing, and maintenance roles. You could be a plant operator, working with robots and AI to make the latest models of cars. You could be the manager of a car dealership, distributing the latest cars to consumers. Or you could be an engineer or mechanic, working to repair and restore used vehicles. The scope of the work involved can be anything from very specialized computer work to hard manual labour.

The qualifications and education you will need will depend on the kind of role you decide to take. For instance, if you choose to enter into a manufacturing role, you may need higher level skills in some computer programs, as most processes in manufacturing and assembling autos are automated. Other roles may require certificates or degrees in certain subjects, like distribution, management, and sales. Many occupations in this industry provide in-depth on-the-job training.

The future for a lot of the motoring & automotive industry is mixed. The industry is expected to undergo massive changes and disruption with the advent of new technologies. New positions in design, engineering, and software development will crop up in the years to come, while occupations that require manual labour or machine operation will become more rare.

This field is set to undergo massive change in the coming years, so you will be at the forefront of the latest transportation technologies. These new technologies, including self-driving cars and electric vehicles, will create massive demand for new types of products. Provided you secure a good job, pay and benefits in this industry can be very good.

The industry is undergoing a lot of disruption, and that means that a lot of occupations are being made redundant. You will likely have to deal with the ins and outs of logistics and supply chain management, and this can be very stressful for people who are not inclined towards this type of work.

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