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Marketing, PR & creative jobs usually involve coming up with unique ways to get your company noticed by the public. How you do that will vary, depending on your role. This could mean writing copy for ads or websites. Or it could mean creating graphics to be used on billboards and marketing collateral. Most of these jobs entail some kind of creative work, while also having a high emphasis on data analysis. Many marketing and creative professionals work on a contract or freelance basis, meaning they work independently on project to project.

Most marketing, PR & creative jobs require a degree of some kind. If you’re working in graphic design, for instance, you will need a degree or certificate in design and experience in particular kinds of software. It also very common for PR and marketing professionals to have degrees in subjects like English, communications, marketing, and journalism.

However, degrees aren’t essential, and it is very common for people to be hired into marketing, PR & creative roles so long as they have the right skills, attitude, and desire to succeed.

Most companies will always need highly skilled and creative people to think of new ways to promote their products and services. This is not expected to change in the years to come. For instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that advertising, promotions, and marketing roles will increase by 6% by 2029, faster than the national average in most sectors.

These jobs offer lots of people the chance to exercise their creative muscles, whether that’s creating a marketing campaign or a great logo. These jobs are usually dynamic, fast-paced, and have a lot of opportunities for travel. You also get the opportunity to contribute in a very tangible way to the success of a company. If working 9-5 isn’t for you, you can work freelance on your own time, provided you have the right skills and contacts.

Working in marketing, PR & creative can be very stressful at times, as workloads and expectations are often high. People in these jobs are also often held to very high targets, and managers often expect instant results. The success of a particular piece of work can often be up to factors outside of your control, which can be frustrating.

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