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Human resources jobs tend to involve a wide range of activities involving the human capital of an organization. These activities could include determining the needs of staff, hiring full-time or temporary staff, workplace training, disciplinary actions, performance reviews, payroll, ensuring equal opportunities, and more. You can work in almost any company, from a small firm to global conglomerate.

Human resources professionals tend of have bachelor’s degrees in human resources or related fields like communications, English, or media studies. Many people also can undertake graduate programs in HR. It can also help to get a qualification from professional bodies like the HR Certification Institute or the Human Resource Management Institute.

With human resources becoming increasingly important in modern business operations, there is no limit to how far you can go in this industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment in human resources professions to grow by 7% by 2029, much faster than the national average for other professions. Human resources professionals will be needed to handle increasingly complex employment laws and healthcare coverage options.

When you work in human resources, you will always be helping individuals, whether they’re new hires or existing employees in your company, to reach their potential by helping them find the right jobs or training them for new roles. You will with a diverse set of people and have a large amount of influence on the policy direction of the organization. Many HR positions are also paid very well.

HR workloads can be very large and very stressful. You will need to handle the problems of others, and sometimes have to do fairly uncomfortable activities, like disciplinary or termination procedures. Entry level HR work can be monotonous. Plus, you will always be at the center of office politics, and some people can find this very stressful.

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