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We found 31 Facilities Management Jobs in the USA

Facilities management jobs involve taking care of/maintaining a particular facility, building, or grounds. This could involve providing services like repairs, security, cleaning, maintenance, and other services so that the building can function smoothly. Facilities management companies all over the US are continuing to grow, with facilities management companies continuing to hire. The US facilities management industry is expected to grow to over $465 billion by 2024 on account of the country’s booming real estate sector.

What you do in a facilities management job will depend on the type of role you take. You could be an electrician working to fix the electrical systems of your building. Or you could be a cleaner dedicated to keeping your space spick and span. You could be a security guard ensuring the safety of the people who use your building’s services. Or you could be a facilities manager, managing the building or grounds you oversee and scheduling the shifts of the people you work with.

There are quite a few qualifications out there that will help you break into the facilities management game. You will want to pursue a certification/degree in a field associated with the facilities management field, such as maintenance, hospitality, management, or business studies. You can also get dedicated certificates in facilities management that will help you enter management roles or to start your own facilities management business.

With the facilities management sector employing a good chunk of the US workforce, opportunities are expected to grow. It is a great industry to gain new skills and build on your existing knowledge. Many people who work in facilities management began as assistants in certain areas, like cleaning or maintenance. These people rose thought he ranks to senior management positions of very profitable firms.

As long as there are buildings being used for public or private functions, there will always be a need for companies to ensure that those building functions runs smoothly. If you start out on the front lines, you will be able to work in a variety of roles, from cleaning to maintenance to hospitality. Salaries can vary widely in the industry as well. The median salary in the US for facilities managers is $100,000.

Whether you work on the front lines or are in a management position, you will have to constantly manage the expectations and complaints of customers, and that can be frustrating for people who do not like dealing with the public. You will also often be splitting your efforts between several buildings, requiring a lot of coordination in terms of staffing and logistics. Facilities management jobs may also require long hours that stretch past the 40-hour week norm.