1,456 Customer Service & Call Center Jobs

Customer service and call center jobs are plentiful across the US. Individuals who work in customer service and/or in a call center are employed to help the customers of companies solve certain problems, usually in person, over the phone, or over digital media. Customer service jobs can be centralized in call centers, though many customer service professionals work among other departments in the same office. The main function of a call center is to handle incoming calls from clients regarding issues related to IT problems, payments, complaints, and general customer service questions.

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Customer service and call center jobs involve interacting with a company’s clients/customers to help them solve a problem. This can be done in person, though most customer service jobs are undertaken over the phone or digital media. You will need to meet the client where they are, so this could mean interacting with them over different mediums, including phone, email, social media, SMS, and others.

Once the customer’s problem is expressed, it is your job to find a solution. There is often a huge emphasis on the quality of the customer experience during customer interactions with a company’s representatives. Customer service and call center employees are often extensively trained in how in manage customer concerns, find solutions, elevate customer experience during interactions, and other areas. Customer service can also involve extensive follow-up attempts to ensure the solutions found were effective and to gather other data and feedback from the customer.

Most people do not need any qualifications to work in customer service or a call center. However, there are many private training providers out there that offer great customer service courses and certifications.

To work in customer service, you do not really need any experience or education. Rather, you need a particular set of skills, including communication skills, empathy, persuasion, flexibility, the ability to use positive language, and patience. It also helps to have some experience in CRM software, writing, and conflict resolution.

A job in customer service could land you in some very interesting roles. Entry-level customer service roles can lead to team leading ad management position, ad you move up within your company. They will also place you very well to be intimately involved in your company’s customer journey. People who start out in customer service can often move into other roles with similar skill sets, like accounts, operations, HR, or management.

There are very few barriers to entry into customer service roles. People who enjoy talking to people and building relationships will fins such roles very stimulating. Many customer service roles can be done remotely, giving the worker more flexibility. Plus, customer service roles will help you develop skills will be valuable in many other roles.

Customer service roles can get fairly repetitive, as you often find yourself helping people solve the same problems over and over. You may have to deal with customer who are upset and frustrated, which can be very stressful. Odd hours might be necessary, as many companies like to offer 24/7 customer service. Job projections for customer service jobs are expected to decrease in the near future, with many roles being subject to automation.

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