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People who work in this sector require a certain amount of tech literacy. Assistant and administrative roles require knowledge and experience in software packages like Microsoft Office, Google Suite, and others. Knowledge of certain project management software may be required, depending on the role and industry. Duties may include scheduling appointments, creating correspondence, managing budgets, bookkeeping, answering phone calls, entertaining and managing office visitors, managing websites, making travel arrangements, taking minutes during meetings, and more. Roles at the more executive levels may require interactions with the general public, vendors, customers, and any other people an executive may be interacting with.

Organizational skills are vital for individuals entering into entry-level secretarial or personal assistant roles. However, certain other education may be beneficial. It’s estimated that 41.4% of administrative/personal assistants have a bachelor’s degree, and 6% and a master’s. Individuals looking to get into this field may do well to pursue degrees in project management and business administration from a local college or university. You may also want to pursue certifications accredited by organizations like the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

In many organizations, administration/personal assistant roles can allow many lateral moves. Since these roles require large amounts of knowledge about how a particular business operates, administrative/personal assistants can often move into other departments with ease. These roles are often very good starting places to get into various management roles in operations, project management, office management, and human resources.

When you work in an administrative role, you will learn many skills that will be applicable to a wide range of jobs. You will also work with many people in a variety of contexts. A role in administration is ideal for people who like making plans, organizing schedules, and preparing for the future. Administrators are also at the forefront of problem solving within an organization, and are often the main point of contact. The skills one learns in these roles are highly transferrable, and you could conceivably work in any sector you want after a few years’ experience.

Being in an administrative role means supporting others, so it can be a challenging role for people who really want to be decision makers. Work can be hectic, and this forces people to do a bit of everything, which will not appeal to people who want to focus one task at a time. With the rise of project management software package, many administrative roles are becoming redundant – it’s expected that such roles may decline by 9% by 2029.

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