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People who work in accountancy are primarily concerned with how money flows in and out of accounts, whether for businesses or individuals. Accountants ensure that all transactions are legal and carried out correctly. Organizations rely on people in accountancy to ensure their books are healthy and that the company remains solvent. Working in accountancy often means getting to know a lot about tax law, auditing, and cost accounting. Accountancy consistently ranks as one of the most popular job areas in the country. Employment of people in accountancy is expected to grow by 4% by 2029.

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If you’re in accountancy, your duties will depend on your specialism. Specialisms in accountancy include auditor, corporate accountancy, forensic accountancy, management accountancy, personal financial planning, staff accountancy, and tax accountancy. Accountancy duties can include preparing financial statements, calculating costs, budget planning and analysis, creating financial strategies, researching investment opportunities, and researching and complying with relevant tax laws.

You don’t need an accounting certification to get an accountancy role, but it certainly helps. Most people who intend to work in accountancy tend to take, at minimum, a four-year accounting degree at university. A large percentage of people who finish their accounting degree will go on to do a master’s or PhD in the field. Others will go on to get their Chartered Public Accountant certification so that they can enter more senior roles.

Most people who decide to go into accountancy will become CPAs. Accountancy is a vital part of every organization, and management often leans heavily on this aspect of their business to ensure their stability and growth. People who work in accounting departments can often go on to work for senior management teams because of their intimate knowledge of the organization.

Entry level salaries for accountancy jobs start at around $53,000. With the right education, certifications, and experience, you can earn around $109,000+.

Accountancy work has an in-built stability. Businesses will always need someone (or many people) to manage their money, so good accountants will always be in demand. Accountancy also has a clearly defined career path, with many different specialisms available, depending on your inclinations. Salaries in this area are strong and stable. Accountancy work is also famously flexible – many accountants work remotely, and in many parts of the world. Furthermore, if you wanted to start your own business, you have a great foundation of business and financial knowledge on which to build.

For some, the continuing development involved in an accountancy career can be daunting, especially those people who want to finish their degree and devote themselves entirely to work. If you’re not comfortable with numbers, math, and painstaking investigations, accountancy can be quite dull. The pressure involved in being responsible for an organization’s finances can also be very stressful.