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Account management starts after completion of a transaction to maintain a relationship with the customer. People who work in account management reiterate the company’s value to the customer so that the customer will stick with the company’s service or product. It means keeping a close eye on a client’s needs and finding solutions to problems. Account managers usually work with a team of account executives to ensure the broad spectrum of clients are being serviced to their satisfaction. Most account managers make between $70,000 and $140,000. With the US economy continuing to favor the service sector, account management will be a vital aspect of most businesses. As a result, job prospects and security look strong.

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The duties of an account manager can differ depending on the industry and company. However, most account managers will act as a point of contact for key customers, develop relationships with those customers over the long term, make sure clients receive the products and services they request, identify opportunities for growth, generate new business, and more. All duties are in service of keeping clients for as long as possible.

People looking to go into account management will usually need some experience in sales, customer service, project management, or other related field. Many educational institutions offer degree programs in account management-related fields, such as business administration, marketing, and project management. Companies that work internationally may require degrees in second languages.

Futures in account management are bright. Aspiring account managers can move up into more senior positions in an organization, often running departments in sales, marketing, and customer service. Others will pursue career paths in operations or business development.

Account management is ideal for people who enjoy building and nurturing relationships from the ground up. People in this field will also contribute to the growth of an organization and its client base, gaining the satisfaction of contributing to business growth. It’s also a field for people who like dealing with lots of moving parts at once.

For many, dealing with the constant demands of clients can be draining. Especially if you work in a large organization, you will have to deal with many accounts, and that can be overwhelming for people who prefer to stick to one task at a time. And if the organization you work for is unable to fully deliver on its products or services, it can be very stressful dealing with the fallout.