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5 ideas to celebrate world environment day 2021 at work

Published: Wednesday 2nd June 2021

World Environment Day 2021 takes place each year on June 5th. It is an annual event to stimulate awareness of the environment around us, and the effects of climate change. Its aim is to inspire each and every one of us to take steps to look after our planet.

As a global citizen who is environmentally conscious, you may already have certain processes in place to contribute to making your workplace environment cleaner, greener and healthier. However, there is always more that we can do as a collective.

So, why not get involved in this World Environment Day 2021 with your colleagues? Here are 5 ideas to celebrate world environment day 2021 at work… 

World environment day concept. Green Eco Earth.

Celebrate World Environment Day with sustainable changes

See how you can make small sustainable changes at work that will help provide a lasting difference for the Environment and the animals and plants that live here. You don’t have to go full organic or buy hemp clothes.

Try using a reusable water bottle instead of plastic which many have the added bonus of keeping water cold for hours on end). You can also switch disposable straws for reusable ones made out of silicone, stainless steel, or even inexpensive washable plastic that can be reused over and over again.

Reusable snack bags help eliminate the need for plastic and switching to LED or energy-efficient lights is also a simple fix. To celebrate World Environment Day, just talk to colleagues who love to live green and find easy ways to incorporate a more sustainable lifestyle into your daily routine.

Raise awareness for the importance of World Environment Day

Suggest organizing themed days for one week and give your teammates or colleagues points for posting about them on social media. Have them mention the workplace challenge and a fact about World Environment Day and conservation that relates to that theme.

Volunteer in the community

Group of volunteers standing together in a modern office

We often think of the environment on a large scale, but it’s also about your local environment. You can harness the power of your organization to improve your local environment in simple ways.

For example, you could organize your colleagues into volunteer teams to clean up the local park or remove garbage from a nearby beach. Keep in mind that if you want to go further than cleanup and planting trees or plants, you may need permission from the local authorities that control the space. Or you could work with an existing organization that arranges this kind of thing, like a US local charity. 

Plant a company garden

Plant more than just trees and flowers. Suggest to your teammates that you start a company garden. With the dedicated space, they can grow their own fruits and vegetables and have a locally-sourced meal every day for lunch. 

Take advantage of your office building’s rooftop garden if it has the amenities, or look into participating in your local neighborhood community gardening initiatives to give back. Within the office, adding greenery around the workplace with planters can do wonders in improving indoor air quality.

Create a forum for environmental discussions

From volunteer opportunities to apps that help you reduce your carbon footprint and develop eco-friendly behaviors, your diverse and active team members will certainly have a lot of ideas on how you can make a difference in the world environment. Give your team a chance to have a conversation on how they can save the earth together by providing a forum for discussion, whether that’s done through a dialogue session during lunchtime or a channel dedicated to environmental topics.

By participating in World Environment Day you, your colleagues, and your organization show that you understand the importance of looking after the world in which we live, and are willing to take action to preserve and protect it.

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