Post jobs on Zoek US with a Subscription model

If you’re posting large numbers of jobs regularly, our subscription model will be the perfect way for you to save time and money.

You only need to pay and flat monthly fee to post unlimited numbers of job ads and receive unlimited applications!*


How it works

We can offer unique subscription plans tailored just for you and your organization’s needs.

Contracts last between 3, 6, and 12 months, and your price will be based on the number of job ads you request on a monthly basis.

Zoek US is happy to work with you to reach a competitive price for this service. Contact us for more information.



With a subscription model, you save money and time. You won’t have to deal with price caps or application charges. One fee, once a month, unlimited ads. Easy.


Job alerts

All ads posted with the subscription model will be included in our highly effective Job Alerts email marketing campaigns.

Your ads will immediately be sent to thousands of potential candidates whose skills and experience match what you need.


Social media

Ads posted under the subscription model are entered to be shared on Zoek US’s social media feeds, broadcasting the job ad to thousands of followers.