Post jobs on Zoek US for FREE with our Flexible Free Organic Model

Need a great recruitment service on a budget?

This option is perfect for hirers who want to get the most out of their recruitment process for less.


Unlimited free job ads

What it says on the box. You can post as many ads as you like for free!*

You get all the benefits of Zoek US’s amazing multi-layered AI that match the best candidates for the role.

We’ll also offer advice and feedback on how to make your ads more effective and attractive to quality job seekers.

Simply create your hirer account and get started.


Is it really free?

Yes, really!


But is it really, really free?

Well, there is one catch.


Posting for free on Zoek US means you miss out on some of the additional features of our other payment models. Check out our other payment options for more information.


Can I upgrade?

Of course!

We’re happy to find the right payment plan that works for you.

You can also advertise individual job ads on different payment plans, paying for some and not paying for others.

This allows you to prioritize which jobs get the most attention and traffic.

You can email us at to speak to one of our team members and find out more.


*Terms and conditions apply.