Post jobs on Zoek US with our Cost Per Click model

In our cost per click model, you only pay for the number of clicks your job ads receives. This model allows you to cap the amount you wish to pay for each ad.

This give you full control over your spending when you post a job and allows you to add abject caps to individual jobs and accounts.

Our cost per click model starts from as little as 15c per click.


Ranking criteria

The higher the relevancy of your job ad to a job seeker’s information, the higher it will rank in our search results.

Our AI based search program accurately matches keywords in your ads to a candidate’s skills and experience. This significantly reduces money wasted on unsuitable candidates.

We also provide detailed advice and feedback to let you improve your ads to get more applicants and reduce costs.


Job alerts

All ads posted with the cost per click model will be included in our Job Alerts email marketing campaigns.

Your ads will immediately be sent to thousands of potential candidates whose skills and experience match what you need.


Social media

Ads posted under the cost per click model are entered to be shared on Zoek US’s social media feeds, broadcasting the job ad to thousands of followers.