Post jobs with Zoek US Payment Models

No matter what your job posting needs are, we can help. We provide a flexible array of service and payment options.


Why post with Zoek US?

Zoek is the world’s fastest-growing new job site.

We use multi-layered AI to quickly connect hirers with the best candidates, and our distinctive search features allow candidates to find you as easily as possible.

Our highly effective email marketing system allows hirers to be connected with the best candidates instantly.


Payment Plans

See our payment plans below. Try mixing and matching plans for individual job postings in order to get the most out of Zoek US.

Pay Per Job

Zoek US’ new Pay Per Job model lets you post jobs quickly and affordably for 45 days. This model gives you maximum freedom over both your job postings and job advertising budget.


Cost Per Click

You pay only when people click on your ad. Set limits on how much you want to spend for maximum budget control. Change budget caps depending on individual job posts. This plan provides high placement of your ads on our job board.


Pay Per Application

You only pay for every application you receive. Payment bands are correlated to job salary pay. This plan provides high placement of your ads on our job board.



For hirers who need to post lots of jobs. Pay a flat fee every month for unlimited job postings with premium placement on our search results.


Flexible Free Organic

For hirers on a budget. Take advantage of Zoek US’s amazing digital infrastructure to get the best out of your applications process. Import as many jobs as you wish immediately.

Free Advertising for Charities

Are you a charitable organization looking for great staff? All charities can post on Zoek US free of charge! Find out more by contacting us.