This is how we attract our job seekers

You need eyeballs on your job ads, and we do everything we can to get them on there.

Zoek US’s sophisticated digital operation is staffed with marketing experts to ensure you get the traffic you need to your ad.


Content Marketing

Our team is staffed with many content creation experts, creating enticing and engrossing content to drive traffic to our site and your ads.

We work in many mediums, from video, and audio and written. We’re always looking for new ways to ease the path of the job seeker to your ads.


Pay Per Click Ads

Zoek US invests in promotional campaigns across social media and search engines to broaden the reach of your ads.


Search Engine Optimization

Search is the name of our game, so we have a dedicated team working to ensure our job ads and other content reach the very top of all search engine results pages.



We bring you the latest collaborations with our partners to help you get to most out of our service. We work with industry and thought leaders to broaden our horizons and get more traffic to your ads.


Online Acquisitions

Zoek US uses many online acquisition platforms in crease brand exposure and drive even more candidates to our website and app.

Our partners include leading aggregators, social media platforms, search engines and online re-targeting websites.