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How to make the most of a virtual Christmas party

Published: Monday 14th December 2020

girl on zoom having virtual christmas party

Christmas events are likely going to look a little different this year. And the end of year Christmas party arranged by most workplaces is going to be no exception. Unfortunately, business owners are not going to be unable to throw their usual staff gathering as a thank you for all the hard work over the past year. But all is not lost. Thanks should still be given to hard working staff, this year more than any other year. And we’re here to give you all the help you need to throw a virtual Christmas party on Zoom that you and your colleagues will be talking about for years to come.

Dress for the occasion

Set a dress code that everyone can enjoy and be comfortable in. While being “dressed to the nines” is great for a fancy meal, remember that people will be in the comfort of their homes. To ensure that everyone still makes an effort, keep the theme simple and festive. After all, no Christmas party is really complete without Santa hats and ugly Christmas jumpers!

Deck the lounge/kitchen/study

We’re hoping by now that your house is already covered from floor to ceiling in lights and the various north pole residents. So, make sure your lights, tree and any other festive decorations are in view when you’re on camera. If you’re feeling really extra, you can even create a mini scene especially for the party. And honestly, we recommend that everyone be an extra as they can!

Secret Santa

Rest assured that just because the office is closed, it doesn’t mean that secret Santa is off! Head to an online secret Santa generator to draw names. And instead of giving gifts in person, order something online that will arrive at their home in time for the party. That way, you can all unwrap your Christmas gifts on Zoom together.

Festive foods

Even for virtual parties, snacks are an absolute necessity. Before the event and as a group, think about the festive snacks you would have liked at an in-person Christmas party, and you can all get them stocked in time for the virtual party. This will help to boost the feeling of togetherness.

Christmas cocktails

man on zoom call with sparkler

It goes without saying that your booze for the evening needs a Christmas twist too. Look for drinks infused with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. And remember, you’re already home and only a couple of steps away from your bed, so have that extra drink you normally wouldn’t have!

Let the games begin

While Christmas is all about board games, cracking out monopoly or cluedo is probably not the best plan. Thanks to advances in tech and the people who can’t go without their weekly games nights, there are now a huge amount of browser-based game sites that you and your team can play online.  Pick a fun, festive one that will keep everyone interactive with each other and laughing.


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