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How to make your job ads more effective

Published: Friday 6th November 2020

Woman sitting at table with a computer writing a job ad

Are you wondering how to make your job ads more effective? You’re not alone. As a job search site, Zoek knows that many job ads don’t receive quality applications. A lot of this comes down to what you put in your job ads.

So, want your ads to get some great applications?

Here’s how to make your job ads more effective.

Include salary and benefits

Man at a computer looking for job ads

In heat-mapping tests, jobs seekers tend to review job ads mostly for salary, qualifications, and duties. Make sure that you post a clear salary range and the benefits the job comes with.

Including a salary in your ad can give the job seeker an idea of the level of experience required. If you have a job ad for a sales associate, for instance, and the salary is quoted at $100,000, it’s fair to assume that this isn’t a job for entry-level applicants.

Transparency about pay is becoming increasingly important to a large portion of the workforce.  By not including a salary, you may be turning off a lot of great workers.

Use jargon

Makes sure you use the terminology of the field you’re hiring in. If you’re hiring for a marketing job, you should talk about conversion rates, customer journeys, and content creation. When you speak the candidate’s language, you will put them at ease by making them feel like you know how their skills and experience will map onto the role.

Hey, ‘you’

When writing your job ad, make sure you use the second person. Write sentences like, ‘We want you to take responsibility for developing this project and make it your own’. This puts the job seeker front and center, and they will be more engaged in reading the ad as a result.

State your location

Most of the time, people want to work somewhere close to where they live. If a job seeker sees a job ad without a location, they may assume it could be anywhere in the country, and may decide to skip it, even if they have the right skills and experience. Including a location helps manage expectations about what starting with your company may entail.

Format to perfection

Manager sitting at desk writing a job ad

We often see a lot of job ads that are just giant blocks of text. Help your candidates with the reading experience by formatting your job ad correctly.

Use headings to separate your sections, with headings like ‘About the role’ and ‘Duties’. Use bullet points where you can. The more white space you have between the first word and the final period, the easier it will be for the candidate to digest.

Sell your values and lifestyle

When people are looking for a job, they’re usually after more than working hours and a paycheck. Most young workers these days want to work for companies that align with their values. Try to sell your company’s story to the candidate, and highlight what makes your organization unique.

Take advantage of your keywords

When composing your job ad, make sure you include relevant keywords and search terms. Doing this will make your ad easier to find for search engines and bring you the the type of traffic that you want. (But beware of using too many keywords. This can make your ad less attractive to search engines.)

You may also want to bold your keywords. This is fairly common practice that’s likely to increase your application rate. Bolding your keywords shows your candidate what’s important for the role so they can be confident that they’re making the right choice in applying.


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