Using social media in healthcare staffing

Published: Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Social media is more popular for hiring managers in the healthcare field to find new employees. There are several platforms that healthcare providers should think about to recruit new staff.

Social Media Tips

Any healthcare staffing agencies that need new healthcare workers should consider these social media recruitment tips:

First, LinkedIn allows workers to post their resumes to their profiles so healthcare recruiters can easily access them. Healthcare staffing agencies can look at the person’s previous employers, education, and abilities, and skills that the candidate has.

Second, Twitter allows employers and employers to put up jobs or voice their desire for specific types of jobs. It is useful for employers to look at different hashtags that are related to healthcare, such as #healthcarestaffing. Also, there are profiles on Twitter that post healthcare jobs where employers can see who is interacting on those channels. They can talk to possible employees this way.

Third, Facebook is not as well known for healthcare recruiting, but it has plenty of opportunities for employers in healthcare to get to know possible employees. The employer can look at posts and photos from job applicants and see if the person is the right fit for the company.

Social media used in healthcare recruitment

If you want to use social media for your healthcare staffing needs, here are some helpful tips to make it easier:


Using hashtags when you post a job makes it easier for prospects to find your job on Twitter. For instance, if you are hiring a home healthcare nurse, after you put up the link to the job, put something like #homehealthcarenursejob. Using a hashtag allows a person who is not following you to see the Tweet. You also can make hashtags that have your company name in them so possible hires can find you.

Make Company Pages On Social Media

Make sure your company has a profile on major social media sites that you use to recruit people. This allows people the chance to watch you and follow you for updates and posting on jobs in the future they may want. You also can boost brand awareness by posting about events in your niche.

Optimize Each Social Media Page For Searches

Write excellent content for each social media page so that people can see them in search results. Use keywords that are related to healthcare staffing in combination with job search keywords to get Google’s attention. Try to describe your company accurately on each social media page so you do not mislead prospects for the interview

Use Analytics

Google Analytics can track who is visiting each social media page and how often. You can see where most of your traffic is on the social media page and put up jobs during those peak times.

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Engage With Healthcare Industry Stakeholders

Ideal job prospects probably already are in communication with healthcare stakeholders on social media sites. To connect with these folks, you should try to talk to influencers, too. Devise a strategy for your healthcare staffing recruiting team to use so they reach out to job prospects that are following these stakeholders.

Get Your Employees To Tell Others

One of the best ways to get to good job prospects is to have your employees post about your business on their social media channels. Make a strategy for your workers to post positive things about company culture and other good aspects of working there.

If they can use hashtags with your business name, it can create interest with healthcare job seekers. Also, it is smart for workers to put up pictures of company events or anything else that would generate interest. There is better engagement on social media posts that have pictures.

Have your workers post on their personal social media pages as well as their company pages. A recent survey found that 65% of job hunters are more interested in a job if they learn about it from social media connections.

It is vital that healthcare staffing firms use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find the best staff. You should focus on posting good content every week. Your business will begin to get the attention of healthcare job seekers. According to Betterteam, 95% of professional recruiters use websites on social media to network and find the best employees. Almost 60% of employees say they chose their job because of its social media presence.

Last, if you want to use paid advertising on social media, you can target your job prospects by interest, location, the type of media they read, and much more. You can use these targeting parameters to finetune your social media advertising to find ideal healthcare job candidates.

Now that you have a better idea of what to do on social media to find the best healthcare workers, you should be able to create an effective social media strategy and get the workers you need.

Author Bio: Milli Beamer has been helping employers find qualified employees using staffing agencies. She now wants to share her knowledge with others. 

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