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7 questions to ask before relocating for work

Published: Wednesday 17th March 2021

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New beginnings can be nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. Relocating for work is just that. A new, nerve-wracking and exciting experience. Whether your current employer has asked you to relocate or you received a job offer somewhere else, there are several questions to ask before relocating for work to help ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Things you need to know

Before making your move you need to get to know the place you will call home in the future. Find out about both the economic and social conditions. It is no secret that finances greatly influence every other aspect of our lives but you shouldn’t make your decision based solely on financial motives. Sure, money helps but it alone isn’t enough to make us happy. Try to find out about things that are of interest to you such as cultural events, entertainment on offer, sports and recreation facilities and the weather.

If you have decided to make the move, keep in mind that moving, be it locally or long-distance, is not easy. There are several things that you need to consider and do. If you have a deadline to move out of your current home, you can free up your time by letting Good Neighbors Moving Company handle the logistics of your relocation.

The seven key questions

So, now that you know what information you need to gather in general, it is time to concentrate on the questions you need to ask. You need to be very specific with your questions so as to ensure that you get precisely the information you need about the place you plan on moving to.

What are the costs of living?

This is a good question to start off with because it will give you a good idea about the lifestyle you can expect with your income. The costs of living vary from state to state and even between cities. Just because you might be earning more at your new workplace doesn’t mean you will be able to afford a more relaxed or luxurious lifestyle. Do detailed research and find out about the costs of housing, groceries, transportation, and taxes. If you reach the conclusion that you won’t be much better off than in your current position, learn about how to negotiate your way to a better salary. You’ll want to be sure that your income will afford you the lifestyle you expect.

Will I get relocation assistance?

Relocating for work basically requires you to uproot your entire life. Relocation assistance can come in handy in a situation like this. Relocation assistance can include both financial and logistical assistance. You will need to move most of your belongings and find a new home. If you are already seeing images of hundreds of boxes stacked upon each other and your room is a mess, consider getting the help of a professional moving company. They have ample experience and will have your belongings sorted in no time. Don’t underestimate how helpful this can be. If your employer is asking to move, chances are they will be prepared to offer you some type of relocation assistance, but you will need to ask exactly what this entails. This will allow you to plan your move better.

Is there an opportunity to advance your position in the company?

Relocating for work is a big step. One should not to be taken lightly. You are starting a new life somewhere. If you are prepared to do this, you will want to make sure that there is potential for you to move up the ranks in the company. Perhaps not right away but you will want to know that your hard work will be both appreciated and rewarded in the long run. Try and map out where you want to be in the future in terms of your career. There are numerous tips for setting your career goals available online. Don’t be afraid to ask your employer about the possibility of moving up the ranks according to your performance. Making a big sacrifice such as relocating to a new city shows your dedication to the company. The potential for advancement will help keep you both motivated and happy.

Will this move be good for me and my family?

If you have started a family and plan on moving together, you will need to ask yourself whether this move will be good for them. If, on the other hand, you are moving for financial reasons, and plan on relocating short-term by yourself whilst your family stays behind, you will need to look into what effects that could have too. Family comes first and their happiness will determine yours in a large part. Consider the neighborhood – it is where your children will grow up. Also, consider the potential job market for your spouse and imagine your life there as a family.

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Your happiness and the happiness of your family should be a priority.

What are the pros and cons of my relocation?

Once you have gathered all the information about the place you plan on calling home, it is time to weigh up the pros and cons of your move. This doesn’t need to be too complicated. Simply put together a list of the pros and cons and weigh them up against each other. Try to consider as many aspects of your move as possible, including the small things such as the weather. Many small changes can have a big effect. Take all of this into account.

Two people standing in front graffiti that says "passion led us here".

As much as being passionate about something is important there are other things to consider and questions to ask before relocating.

Do I have a backup plan if things don’t work out?

Once again, relocating to a new city can be an exciting experience. The rush of going somewhere new, starting a new job, and making new friends can often cause people to overlook the possibility that perhaps the move might not work out. In life, nothing is really certain, so it is always good to have a fallback option or a backup plan. Have you considered a backup plan? If not, think about your options and talk to your employer about various possibilities in case things don’t work out. Research the job market for similar positions and talk to people from your field to find out whether anybody is looking for a person of your profile.

Will I be happy?

At the end of the day, your happiness is what matters most. Whether you are happy or not will depend on a host of factors including the happiness of your loved ones, financial security, and social interactions and activities. Also, you will be spending a large part of your day at the office. You should try to get to know as much as possible about your potential employer. There is no point in relocating for work if you don’t feel you will be happy. At the same time, don’t be afraid to take risks. Venturing into the unknown and discovering new things can be a great source of fun and happiness.

A group of people laughing in their workplace.

Choosing a good workplace for you can get you to your happy place.

Be confident in yourself

Now that you know what questions to ask and what information you need to gather prior to deciding on relocating for work, you can make your decision with confidence. If you find that you are second-guessing yourself, stop, take a deep breath and remember that you have done your research, weighed up the benefits, and taken your emotional health and happiness into account. You will make the right decision.

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