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Company Search Feature

Want to work for a particular company? Now, you don’t have to skim thousands of ads in the hopes of stumbling on the one you’re after.

Zoek US’s ‘Search by Company’ feature allows you to search all the companies that have posted on our job board.

(You might find job ads outside your area in these searches, so make sure to read the job description. You can also click ‘Refine Search’ to localize available jobs.)

If your company doesn’t appear in your search, they may not hiring at the moment. You may also want to double-check to see that you spelled the company name right.

How to use Company Search

  1. On the Zoek US homepage, under the ‘Where’ field in the main search, click ‘Advanced Search’.
  2. Enter the company name in the ‘Company name’ field.
  3. Wait for the option to appear in the drop-down menu.
  4. Select your company and click ‘Search’.
  5. Browse the available jobs.
  6. Refine your search based on other criteria.

If you don’t have a particular company in mind, you can browse through a full list of companies. Thousands of employers post job ads on our site every day.