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Job Seeker FAQs

Our FAQ’s help answer the questions we’re most often asked by job seekers using Zoek US.

If you stumble across a job seeker related question that isn’t covered in the sections below, simply contact us at: and a member of our customer support staff will be happy to assist you.

This feature lets you report any job postings that break Zoek US’s Terms and Conditions or policies. These would include any fake or spam content.

Report a job ad if:

  • A job is fake, doesn’t exist, is a scam, or is posted by someone impersonating a real company.
  • You spot aspects of the job that are inaccurate or incorrect, such as the salary or location.
  • The ad discriminates against applicants based on age, gender, race, religion, disability or any other such characteristic.
  • The ad contains any explicit or offensive content.

Please don’t use the Report Job function for general enquiries technical issues, job matching alerts, or search results. If you need any support, please email us at

No, Zoek US is a job site.

Job sites advertise and post jobs on behalf of employers. While Zoek US creates content to help job seekers along the way, Zoek US’s involvement in the recruitment process ends once an application is sent.

Recruitment agencies usher job seekers through the application process, from the initial declaration of interest to the final interview.

No. We host the ads on our site. To apply for a job, search our job board and apply by clicking the APPLY button shown in the ad.

First, you’ll need to create an account. Register with Zoek with your preferred email address. After verifying your email, you can log in and fill out your profile information. Alternatively, you can register and log in via your preferred social media profile to speed up the process. Be sure to upload your resumé, cover letter, and any other supporting documentation in the ‘My Documents’ section, such as a portfolio or copies of certificates.

You then then search our job board for any jobs you wish to apply for. Once you’ve found you, click the APPLY  button and confirm your details.

Make sure all your information is correct before sending. After an application is submitted, NO changes can be made through Zoek US.

Zoek US is a job site. Once the application is sent, it is up to the employer to contact you.

You can track all the roles you’ve applied for in your profile in the ‘My Jobs’ tab.

Click on ‘Applied For’ to view all of your submitted applications.

While we host job ads on our site, it’s up to the employer to contact you regarding your application. If you want feedback about your application, you’ll have to contact the employer directly.

Easily! To save a job, log in to your account and search for a job. Once you’ve found it, click on the heart icon at the bottom right of the ad. You can see your saved jobs on your profile in the ‘Saved Jobs’ section.

Yes, but we strongly encourage you to include a resumé, cover letter and as much information as possible.

If you don’t have a resumé or need a new one, you can use our Instant Resume Generator.

When you apply for a job, click APPLY. Then select the ‘Use Profile’ option. Zoek US will automatically generate a resumé for you based on your profile information.

NOTE: Zoek US can only generate a resumé for you if you have profile information. Make sure you have all your profile information filled out before you attempt to generate a new resumé.

You can watch our step-by-step video guide on how to create your Instant Resume on Zoek’s website for further help and assistance!

After you send an application, you can’t track its progress through Zoek US job board.

However, you can review all applications you have submitted within your profile section, by clicking on the ‘My Jobs’ button.


Unfortunately, we can’t amend or change applications once they’ve been submitted. Please get in touch with the employer to make the required changes.

You can use our ‘Advanced Search’ function to search by location with a radius of up to 100 miles.

You can also use your zip code to search for jobs near you. Or you can click the pin icon on the right side of the search bar to that Zoek US can instantly pick up your location.

Alternatively, you can also search for jobs with your Resume. For more information, watch our step-by-step video guide.

No. If you’ve applied for a job, you won’t be able to apply again.

Yes, but it is up to the employer if they want to take an overseas application forward.

Yes. As a global, generalist job board Zoek currently offers opportunities in the US, UK and India.

You can change your password by logging into your account and choosing the ‘Forgotten your password’ option.

Enter your email and click the ‘Send reset email’ button. You will then receive an email to reset your password. This email will contain a link that will redirect you to the Zoek US website. You will then have the option to reset your password.

If you have any problems, please contact

Please contact for any questions about logging in to your account.

All documents can be accessed in the ‘My profile’ section of your profile. Click the ‘Delete’ option to delete any other unwanted documents.

In the ‘Settings’ section of your profile, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Close account’ button.

Please be aware that once you delete your account, all your personal information will be removed from the Zoek US site.

Yes. You can use our Job Cart feature to apply for up to 10 jobs at a time.

Find the job you want and click the Job Cart icon to store it.

Once you have the number of jobs you want, click the Job Cart icon at the top right of the page and send off your applications.

Yes. You should make every effort to tailor your resumé to the job that you’re applying for, and having multiple resumés on hand for different industries will help make your job search more efficient.

To upload a resumé to your Zoek US profile, log in to your account and click on the ‘My Documents’ section. Click the ‘Upload’ button to upload your documents.

Log in to your account and click the ‘View Profile’ option. You can then edit the details of your resumé.

Yes. Zoek USA will be launching the Zoek US app soon. Once launched, then you can download the Zoek Job Search app on the App Store and Google Play to apply for roles on the go!

Please contact the individual employer to find out more about the job you’re applying for.

We do! Access the Zoek US Info Hub for the latest updates, articles and how-to career guides to help you make your job search a success.

Zoek US’s website and app use multi-layered AI to match you with the best and most relevant jobs. This software works to understand your skills, work experience, past employment and preferences to get the best results for you. Learn more in our ‘About‘ page.

Yes. On the Zoek US home page, simply add each job you want to search for in the ‘What’ field.

You can create your own job alerts directly on Zoek. To amend your Job Alerts, you can edit your saved searches at any time, by simply navigating to the ‘My Searches’ section of your profile.

If you wish to edit or amend your Job Matches, you can do so by simply navigating to your profile and clicking ‘My Searches’. For more guidance you can watch our step-by-step Job Matches video guide.